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Mission Statement

To support, enhance and develop the activity of rural GPs in delivering comprehensive, accessible, quality health services to the people of rural north and west Queensland in collaboration and co-operation with other health service providers, communities and their organisations.


Strategic Direction

The NWQPHC seeks to develop and support the rural general practice workforce of north and west Queensland through developing partnerships with key rural organisations, to improve provision of health services and population health outcomes.


NWQPHC Objectives

  • In partnership with key rural organisations, develop and deliver strategies to ensure the recruitment and retention of skilled rural general practice workforce to meet the needs of rural north and west Queensland communities.

  •  In partnership with local health service providers, develop the capacity of the public and private primary care sectors to deliver integrated evidence-based care to people with chronic illness. 

  • To develop the capacity of general practice to participate in population health and preventative medicine interventions, to improve the health status of the local communities and those from disadvantaged groups. 

  • To ensure the development of partnerships with other health care providers to improve the delivery of primary health care in indigenous communities. 

  • To support and assist general practices in IMIT and business development, to function effectively and efficiently in a changing environment. 

  • To prepare the Division to meet the future challenges to general practice by continually scanning the local and wider environment to identify emergent issues. 

  • To position the Division to be a key stakeholder in the planning and delivery of health services. 

  • To achieve a high level of rigour in the design, implementation and evaluation of Divisional programs and activity. 

  • To develop management systems to ensure efficient and effective use of human and other resources to meet agreed outcomes.

Area Covered: NWQPHC covers about 776,000 km2, extending from Cardwell and Mornington Island in the north, to Birdsville in the south, east to Palm Island and westwards to the Northern Territory border.

Postcodes: 4472, 4478, 4481, 4482, 4702, 4724, 4725, 4726, 4727, 4728, 4730, 4731, 4732, 4735, 4736, 4829, 4804, 4805, 4806, 4807, 4808, 4816, 4820, 4821, 4822, 4823, 4824, 4825, 4828, 4830, 4849, 4850, 4871, 4890, 4891.

Population: Estimated at 120,000 people.

Classification: Rural and Remote.

Established: 1993

Membership: 102 GPs


Organisational Structure

NWQPHC operates on a 'place planning' model, where communities are able to directly access the division through key contacts.




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