Our Services

#1 Personnel and communities

General Practitioners, together with their practices, are backed by a team giving advice as well as assistance in business and personnel issues. Helps is offered to the general practitioners. Practice staff and nurses to carry on professional development through grants for attendance at professional growth events. Assistance is also given to practices for accreditation of general practice, understanding new
Medicare ideas, and associating general practice with the local communities. There are two additional groups which run within the personnel and Communities pillar:

  1. Information management & Information & communication technology

This team comprises the Information technology and management, and communications disciplines. The team`s charter to guarantee the procedures are in place to efficiently suitably collect data, deduce it, and communicate it through various channels to the proper internal and external participants.

  • Research and evaluation

This group`s primary goal is to determine the requirements of general practitioners within the Division, isolates support mechanisms and successively evaluates the efficiency of the efforts of NWQPHC. The final objective of the group is to assist general practitioners as well as practices in the attainment of improved health outcomes for people and communities as a whole within their Division.

#2 Health services

Immediate urgent health areas for NWQPHC are population health, local health, and chronic conditions, among others. NWQPHC offers various health services to assist general practitioners to care for their patients. Outreach affiliated health services are provided by health caregivers in the subjects of dietetics, physiotherapy, advisory service, podiatry, dementia advisory service, diabetes education, continence advisory service, and psychology, therapies such as occupational and speech therapies. The staff works carefully with the general practitioners to warranty continuity of health cares and exploit patient outcomes. Also, the health clinics are managed from the amenities in McKinlay, Bedourie, and Birdsville.

#3 Support services

Concentrating on the administration and finance activities of the institute, this pillar guarantees the governance and finance standards are met. Also, they are responsible for the operation in the human resource department and daily administrative activities.