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Kelly McTaggart
Chief Executive Officer
Joanne Symons
Executive Officer, Health Services
Mt Isa
Evelyn Edwards
Executive Officer, Finance & Administration
Dr Ross Nable
Executive Officer, Operations & Outcomes


A - back to name index
Alison  D Team Leader, Workforce & Communities (East Coast, Townsville)
Amanda  N Continence Advisor (East Coast, Townsville) 
Anthony  E Dietitian (North West, Mt Isa)
B - back to name index
Belinda  W Occupational Therapist (East Coast, Townsville)
Beverley  T Support Services (North West, Mt Isa)
Beverly  M Registered Nurse -Diamantina Health Service (Central West, Bedourie)
C - back to name index
Carla  S Pharmacist (East Coast, Townsville)
Carla  G Registered Nurse - Diamantina Health Service (Central West, Birdsville))
Carly  G Speech Pathologist (North West, Mt Isa)
Cheryl  W Diabetes Educator (North West, Mt Isa)
Christine  L Diabetes Auditor  (East Coast, Townsville)
Christine  F Team Leader, Health Services (East Coast, Townsville)
Claire  S Speech Pathologist (North West, Mt Isa)
Claire   D Support Services (Central West, Longreach)
Clare  D Health Promotion Officer (Central West, Longreach)
D - back to name index
Damian  W Information Systems Officer (East Coast, Townsville)
David  B Podiatrist (North West, Mt Isa)
Deborah  W Senior Allied Health Professional - Physiotherapist (North West, Mt Isa)
Denelle  M Chronic Disease Nurse (Central West, Longreach)
Derek  C Podiatrist (North West, Mt Isa)
Dulcie  N Continence Advisor (North West, Mt Isa)
E - back to name index
Evelyn  E Executive Officer Business & Support Services (East Coast, Townsville)
F - back to name index
Fiona  W Diabetes Nurse - Cloncurry  (North West, Mt Isa)
G -back to name index
Glenda K Support Services (East Coast, Townsville)
H -back to name index
Hana  C Occupational Therapist (North West, Mt Isa)
Helen  S Psychologist - Charters Towers (East Coast, Townsville)
 J -back to name index
Jamie  S Team Leader - Health Services
Jennifer  H Dementia Counsellor (North West, Mt Isa)
Jenny  M Diabetes Educator - Ingham - (East Coast, Townsville)
Joanne  A Registered Nurse
Joanne  S Executive Officer Health Services
Julia  H Team Leader, Support Services (North West, Mt Isa)
Julie  T Registered Nurse
K - -back to name index
Karen  C Team Leader, Diabetes Educator - Health Services (East Coast, Townsville)
Karen  C Support Services
Karen  O Team Leader, Health Services
Kate  M Practice Support Officer (East Coast, Townsville)
Kate  K Podiatrist
Katherine  G Physiotherapist
Katrina  C Dietitian
Kelly  M Chief Executive Officer (East Coast, Townsville)
Kerry  M Indigenous Health
Kylie  C Dietitian (East Coast, Townsville)
L - back to name index
Lara  A Psychologist
Lisa  W Psychologist
Liz  T Health Promotion Officer
Lyn  C Psychologist - Bowen, Collinsville, Richmond & Hughenden (East Coast, Townsville)
M - -back to name index
Mandy  F Dietitian
Mark  B Occupational Therapist
Melissa  B Occupational Therapist
Michelle  L Occupational Therapist - Allensleigh Station, Charters Towers 
N - -back to name index
Nadine  C Diabetes Educator
O - -back to name index
P - -back to name index
Peta  C Support Services (East Coast, Townsville)
R - -back to name index
Rebecca  R Support Services  (East Coast, Townsville)
Rebecca  V Physiotherapist (East Coast, Townsville)
Richelle  D Senior Allied Health Professional - Psychologist
Ross  N Deputy CEO, Executive Officer - Workforce & Communities (East Coast, Townsville)
Ruth  C Podiatrist (East Coast, Townsville)
S - -back to name index
Sally  O Psychologist - Ingham (East Coast, Townsville)
Sancia  F Area Nurse
Sarah  R Occupational Therapist
Shawn  H Team Leader, ICT/IM (East Coast, Townsville)
Sheila  S Continence Advisor
Shellie  C Physiotherapist
Sonia  M Communication & Publicity Officer (East Coast, Townsville)
T - -back to name index
Tamara  H Occupational Therapist
Tanya  W Diabetes Nurse - Normanton PO Box 301 Normanton 4890
Therese  F Psychologist
Tilley  P Research Officer (East Coast, Townsville)
Torres  W Reseach Project Officer (East Coast, Townsville)
Trina  S Team Leader, Support Services (East Coast, Townsville)
W - -back to name index
Wendy  W Support Services (East Coast, Townsville)



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