About Us

Mission statement

To promote, improve as well as advance the activity of remote GPs by offering accessible and all-inclusive and excellent health services to the individuals residing in the rural parts of North & West Queensland together with other health care providers, communities and the government.

Strategic course

The NWQPHC strives to advance and support the overall practice personnel of the remote North & West Queensland by increasing partnerships with the major rural organizations to better the delivery of health services as well as the population health results.

Objectives of the NWQPHC

In collaboration with the major rural organizations, improve and provide strategies which guarantee the enrollments and retention of experienced general practice personnel to satisfy the requirements of the communities of North & West Queensland.

In collaboration with the local health care providers, expand the capability of the private and public primary care regions to provide cohesive and evident care to individuals with chronic conditions.

To expand the ability of the general practice to take part in the residents` health and vaccine interventions, to better the health conditions of the local communities and those from disadvantaged groups.

To ensure the increase of partnerships with different health services providers to boost the provision of primary health care to local communities.

To promote and aid general practices in business development and IMIT, to operate efficiently in a varying environment

To groom the Division to deal with the future encounters to general practice by constantly watching the local and extended environment to pinpoint the emergent issues

To place the Division to be a major stakeholder in the organization and provision of health services

To reach a high consistency level in the design, execution, and appraisal of the Divisional programs as well as activity.

To expand management systems to ensure guarantee effective and efficient exploitation of human as well as other resources to satisfy the agreed results.